about the foundation

Karl and Mandy are committed to building a legacy of teamwork, resilience, and a lasting community impact. 

Turning Passion into Purpose

Founded by Mandy and Karl Alzner, former professional hockey player for the Washington Capitals, the Alzner Foundation was born from a shared passion for empowering the next generation through youth sports.


Karl &

Offer educational and enrichment programs that teach important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and perseverance through sports and other activities.

Develop life skills



Encourage children and teenagers to engage in sports activities by providing resources, equipment, and opportunities for them to participate in organized sports leagues.

Promote youth sports participation

Support programs that promote physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, and overall well-being among young people.

Foster physical well-being

Ensure that children from low-income backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate in sports by offering scholarships, grants, and financial assistance for registration fees, equipment, and transportation.

Provide access to sports for underprivileged youth

Our vision

Emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for opponents, coaches, and officials in all sports activities supported by the foundation.

Promote sportsmanship and fair play



Create an inclusive environment where children of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities feel welcome and supported in their sports and enrichment activities.

Promote inclusivity and diversity

Collaborate with local schools, community centers, and organizations to provide sports and enrichment programs that benefit the broader community.

Support community engagement

Provide mentorship and leadership development opportunities for young athletes, helping them develop the skills and confidence to become leaders in their communities.

Empower future leaders

Our goals


Meet the passionate leaders driving our foundation forward.

Karl Alzner


Mandy Alzner

Founder & Executive Director

Jodie MacDougall

Director of Community Engagement 

Karl Alzner is a former professional ice hockey defenseman known for his unwavering reliability on the blue line. Drafted fifth overall by the Washington Capitals in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, Alzner’s stellar career includes a notable stint with the Capitals, where he played a key role in the team’s defensive core. 

Throughout his NHL journey, Karl showcased exceptional defensive prowess, earning a reputation as a dependable and gritty player. His commitment to the game and to his team was exemplified by an impressive ironman streak, a testament to both durability and dedication.

Beyond the rink, Alzner is recognized for his philanthropic efforts, contributing to various charitable causes and embodying the spirit of community engagement. As he transitions from professional play, Karl continues to inspire the next generation, leaving an enduring impact on and off the ice.



Mandy Alzner is a plant-based chef and the wife of former professional hockey player, Karl Alzner. As the longtime partner of an athlete known for his commitment to the community, Mandy has been an active participant in philanthropic initiatives alongside Karl.

While her public persona may not be as prominent as her husband’s, Mandy has played a vital role in supporting Karl’s career and contributions to the community. 

Her dedication to charitable endeavors and healthy living has inspired and empowered others to embrace a more mindful lifestyle that focuses on both physical and mental well-being.

Through the development of the Alzner Foundation, Mandy hopes to provide access to youth sports and enrichment programs to encourage children to be active, value their physical and emotional wellbeing, build confidence and foster a sense of community.



Jodie MacDougall, the Director of Community Engagement at the Alzner Foundation, is a dynamic leader with a passion for community development and has a diverse background in sports management. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and making a positive impact on communities has been evident throughout her career.

Jodie, a former multi-sport athlete during her youth, pursued a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from StFX University. She remained devoted to athletics as she transitioned into a coaching role, allowing her to continue her involvement in sports. Jodie's professional journey reflects her dedication to community well-being, with experience in program development, inclusive leadership, and event coordination. Jodie’s commitment extends beyond her professional roles, as evidenced by her volunteer work, serving as a coach for the Washington Capitals Female Learn to Play Program, the Antigonish Minor Hockey Association, and the Motor Activities with X (MAX) Sledge Hockey Program. Her multifaceted background makes her a valuable asset in driving initiatives that build a lasting impact on making sport more accessible.



It was an absolute pleasure working with Karl and Mandy Alzner for the nine seasons they spent with the Washington Capitals.

If there was ever a need, Karl and Mandy were always willing to step up and help out. 

They made it a priority to give back to the community, supporting a variety of causes and organizations throughout the years. Karl was a community leader with the Capitals, serving as a member of So Kids Can for three seasons where he donated his time and money to help raise funding and awareness for Horton’s Kids, Martha’s Table, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC, and the KIDS Mobile Medical Clinic/Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. ... Mandy was also a leader, helping to create and bring to life...

Liz Pace

President and Executive Director, Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation



Liz Pace

It was an absolute pleasure working with Karl and Mandy Alzner for the nine seasons they spent with the Washington Capitals.

If there was ever a need, Karl and Mandy were always willing to step up and help out. 

... the Caps Canine Calendar (which to this day is a fan favorite), as well as coordinating efforts for the Caps Gift Basket fundraisers and participating in Family-to-Family programming. If there was ever a need, Karl and Mandy were always willing to step up and help out. We are so lucky that they have decided to make the D.C. area their home, and continue their incredible work to support this community that means so much to them.

President and Executive Director, Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation


Sue Bell

"Mandy & Karl's dedication to the Washington DC community is unmatched."

Their dedicated efforts in supporting our mission were evident through initiatives such as the creation of the Washington Capitals canine calendar. Their commitment and professionalism helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars to support our homeless animals. Mandy and Karl’s dedication to the Washington DC community is unmatched. It was a true joy working with them and the Caps!

Executive Director, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue had the good fortune of collaborating with Mandy and Karl Alzner for several years.

Peter Robinson

The Alzner’s are a pillar in the community, and they have been focused on giving back and making a difference for as long as I have known them.

... and a portion of his time with the Hershey Bears. Karl has always been community-driven and donated his time constantly throughout each of his seasons with the Caps. Mandy was actively involved in our community initiatives and spearheaded multiple initiatives with our team and foundation. The two of them embody philanthropy and I am excited to see the impact their foundation will make.

Director of Youth Hockey Development, Washington Capitals

I had the pleasure of working with Karl throughout his entire career with the Washington Capitals...


Every contribution, no matter the size, forms a powerful play in shaping a child's future. Be a game-changer in their journey towards success.